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Recommended Books on Writing


I’ve read a crap-ton of books on writing. Not only how-to books, but marketing books, start to finish books, outlining, structure, story, and so on. Books from ultra-famous authors to self-published authors, short story authors, and teachers.

In fact, I’m reading about 3 right now as of this writing.

I decided to make a record of it here, with a little side bar rating for each and a blurb here and there.


Title and AuthorA Little BlurbRank
On Writing by Stephen KingThis is the epitome of writing books and comes highly recommended by many authors*****
Story by Robert McKeeOk, so maybe THIS is the epitome of writing books and a must read.*****
Poetics by AristotleFirst book to describe the 3-act structure. A little dated (heh…just kidding).****
Outline Your Books or Die by Jim DriverIf you’re a pantser, this is a must read.****
Story Structure by K.M. WeilandThis is the first of at least 3 books on the list from K.M. Weiland. Read them. They’re a bit wordy, but she is very knowledgable.****
More to come…
Books to read for every writer
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