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Doting Dad and Asemic Writing

I’m going to talk about someone else for a minute…

… but start by talking about myself, heh. I am a father of six (6) children. That’s a lot. Two of them are much older than the other four (remarried/restarted). Both are stunning artists with talent in different areas.

My oldest, Lina Forrester, is an amazing artist in many crafts: photography, painting, writing, and also a musician (piano, saxophone, and more).

She has always been a budding talent. But lately she has really blossomed. By lately I mean over the last two years. She has found her groove, her primary talent (watercolors), and is now an award winning artist with multiple gallery shows and wins under her belt.

She gets it from me.

I wish.

She gets it from… I don’t know where. Where do any of us get inspiration?

It’s more than that though. Inspiration is one thing, but without drive and motivation, inspiration is an empty promise. Anyone can be inspired at any time. What you do with that inspiration is another thing entirely. That’s where talent is developed. By doing the work. I sat on my inspiration for 30 years. My daughter, took it and ran until she found her spot in the universe of things.

Recently she posted on her blog about a thing called Asemic Writing. I never heard of type of writing. But the output is quite intriguing. It’s not just about the output though, but the state of mind that results from it. Meditative. Like Noodling. And since my site focus’s on writing, I wanted to share her post. For one, her site looks way better than mine. For two, she describes it so much better than I do.

Read it here on her blog Eccentric Chai: Asemic Writing is a Thing. And I’m Kind of Obsessed

Photo by Lina Forrester – Asemic Writing
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