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On to the Next

Yesterday I completed the summary for Darkness of the Northern Sky. It’s as complete as I can get it for now. The summary is just over 11,000 words and will serve as the foundation for the novel (scenes and chapters). Its part of my new “outline” process. So now is the time to print it, put it away for a short stretch, and let it age as it ruminates in the back of my brain-case.

What to do in the meantime? Start the next project, of course!

In a book I read on outlining recently, the author provided an example of their process. Part of their process was to always have something in the queue. I need a change anyway. I’ve been pounding away on this book for over a year. It’s been wrung out.

Now it ferments.

The Next Project

What’s the next project? A fantasy novel based on an old Dungeons & Dragons character of mine. Sound thin? It’s possible. But that’s not the heart of the story. Only the character. The story goes much deeper. I like to tell people its “Dances with Wolves, but with elves”. Yeah, I get that look a lot. But that is the heart of the story. It’s a “what if” tale.

And no, I’m not going to expound here.

It is a novel length project in the sword & sorcery arena. Swords anyhoo, maybe not sorcery. It is my 2005 NanoWrimo project. It started life as a screenplay. Before that, it was a D&D character, as I said.

The title (currently) is Blacktoad. Look for it in 2023. Or sooner!

In the meantime I will also be working on a few of my 54 short stories in the queue. And a possible 8-part sci-fi series of shorts (which is will be interesting).

Like stories in the Fantasy Sword & Sorcery realm? Check out my current work in progress Darkness of the Northern Sky.

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