Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I have been blessed to have worked across all IT domains and have hands on experience with many types of equipment in my nearly 30 year career. The lists below only serve to illustrate some of the work I have done and is not meant to be complete or exhaustive of my entire life in IT. I am still learning new tricks and new trades and enjoy every minute of it. IT is a vast landscape and to attempt to consume it all is impossible given the rate of change in the IT realm. I look forward to what new technologies lie ahead!

List of Architecture projects

Develop & Document IT Department Architecture Repository

Develop & Implement Enterprise Architecture Program

Overview: The company did not have an enterprise architecture program in place. Also missing were: ITIL processes, coding standards, design standards, and best practices. Senior management decided to implement the whole lot using enterprise architecture as the vehicle for implementation. The motivation was driven by a recommendation from a consultant firm and the interim CIO […]

Develop & Implement Governance Structure for Enterprise Architecture

Overview: With some semblance of an Enterprise Architecture program in place and running the company decided to implement the governance structure for the enterprise architecture effort. It was decided the EA team would work with a consulting firm to provide support and direction in establishing a governance structure but the effort would be lead by […]

Develop Best Practices and Coding Standards

Overview: The company did not have a set of best practices for development or database, nor coding standards for applications, libraries, or databases, nor standards for application structures or databases. The company also did not have a source control in place nor procedures for versioning and/or maintaining sourced versions of code. There was also no […]

List of Development Projects

Accounts Receivable Database (ARDB)

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ACORD Application

Overview: My Roles:   Lead Developer – ASP.NET, C#, WCF, OOP   Project Manager – Using TFS and user stories   SQL Developer   TFS Administrator   Architect   Lead Modeller using Sparx EA (reverse and forward engineering code/database, flowcharts, UML, Use Case)   Business Analyst (requirements)   Team Lead (2 member team) Skills/Capabilities:   Apple (30+ years)   Microsoft Office (15+ years)   Windows (20+ […]

Automation & Modelling

CodeGenerator Application

Overview: After reading this article nearly 10 years ago I was sold on the ASP.NET N-Layer concept. I built all of my ASP.NET C# web applications off of this model. What I didn’t like was typing essentially the same code over and over in new pages. After we standardized our approach on the back end […]

Quality Investigation Tracking (QIT)

Overview: My Roles:   Lead Developer – ASP.NET, C#, OOP   Project Manager   SQL Developer   TFS Administrator   Architect   Lead Modeller   Business Analyst (requirements)   Team Lead (2 member team) Skills/Capabilities:   Microsoft Office (15+ years)   Windows (20+ years)   Visual Studio (15+ years)   UML (10+ years)   C# (10+ years)   ASP.NET (10+ years)   Team Foundation Server (TFS) (4 years)   HTML (10+ […]

List of Networking Projects

This section is currently under development.