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Finding My Groove


Organized and in flow…

I believe I have “found my groove” with my writing habits! I’m pretty excited about this. Working on the book every day is not the only writing I do.

I have the blog and medium posts. I writing in my FreeWrite Journal. I have to transcirbe that freewrite journal stories since they’re handwritten. And I’m worrking on the short stories (I’ve picked 3) from the FreeWrite Journals.

It’s a lot to keep track of with a full time job also.

I recently read a Medium article about something (not important) but the writer mentioned an app called “ClickUp”.

Now, I’m a PMI Certified Project Manager by trade (my day job), so naturally I was intriqued. I needed something that I could use that would follow the Living Your Best Your Ever Journal from Darren Hardy (I use this exclusively), but I needed constant reminders and blocks on my calendar.

I spent about 2 weeks with ClickUp and I finally have it configured to create (automatically) my week writing tasks. it was cumbersome to set up at first, but now it’s automated and I don’t have to do anything except move the time blocks around on my scheduled.

In ClickUp you can also set Goals, so I have weekly goals now. I have to create this manually.

This week, for the first time ever, I will hit 100% of my writing goals.

If you’re interested in ClickUp, you can download it from their site. It’s free to use forever with limited usage, but I upgraded and paid for the annual Basic.

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