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The Good, the Bad, and The Whatever

I’m finding writing comes in many styles. I’m not meaning genres. I’m specifically talking about my writing. I have stories that are good. Some that will never see the light of day. And just some…

Why is this?

This is a natural occurrence I think when you write a lot. Not everything that hits the written page will be publishable. Or workable. Or usable. But the goal is to keep writing, because after the sludge, comes the shiny objects.

I’m writing this because my current WIP in my freewrite journal started off mediocre. It has an interesting concept, but has detoured into some drawn out thing that’s unrecognizable and not really heading anywhere.

But I still need to get to the end right?

The more I write, the less sludge I should be churning out. That’s the idea anyhoo. But even the best and the brightest still publish something that should never have seen the light of day.

Keep writing!

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