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Noodle 22063

I talk about the art of Noodling in my article Introduction to Noodling for Writers. I find it both a chaotic way to start my writing day, but also a form of meditation in the end. You can see by the text how strings of thought begin to organically relate to each other.

I started the practice of “noodling” at the beginning of March ’22, and have made it a daily Monday – Friday habit to start my day.

This particular noodle is from March 3rd, 2022. One of my first. You’ll see as we get further on into March something organic and “magical” begins to happen.

Noodle 22063

swimming random access through black pencil nightmare hell metal in my ears and scars on my eyes so fish swim upstream glasses crash am i dry jellyfish is bad but don’t get discouraged as ya process the egg beater after dough to make dough but gluten is shit and makes stomach angy like a mouse tied to a computer blank phase out copper pony in eyes watch watches on witch which witch playground know wolf scream metal scream guitar scream drum thumb bum out the hair on my back shadows powerslave the region apocalypse but why political use penguins eat sharks and devour young as cold wind blows so cold Cthulu shivers and the earth shakes and bets are made if Conan can slay Cthulu in Sweden or Ethiopia paying a fivver to build stars and startships its all a hoaks part of same program of life deterred in a sewer full of Apple parts waiting for the demon to call.

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